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The most common question we get in regards to servicing ( outside of cost, of course! ) is -- "How often should i get my machine serviced?"

We recommend once a year, twice if you are using it nearly every day for more complicated and/or heavy duty projects.

To lessen the need for servicing ( or repair ) between your yearly ( or twice yearly ) service, read your manual all the way through and follow the maintenance instructions.

Keeping your machine covered when not in use ( we can not stress this enough ) , clean your hook ( Bobbin Case Compartment ) frequently, changing your needle as recommended, oiling it only where and when needed, and properly packing your machine when travelling or storing it - goes a long way in extending the life of your machine!

However, depending on certain factors you may need to bring it in for servicing outside of your normal servicing date.

So, why do you need to service your machine?

If you use your machine frequently, you will not only create lint build up, you will also wear out the lubricants used to keep your machine running smoothly.

Even if you rarely use your machine, ( weeks, months, or even years between uses ) you run the risk of the lubricants congealing and seizing the machine.

Moreover, continuous use of your machine, no matter how much or little you use it, will wear out some parts of your machine that need replacing occasionally -- usually small parts like the bobbin tire or the cutter blade.

What you sew can also factor into when you need your machine serviced, for instance, using your machine for patchwork quilting or sewing heavy fabrics may cause your machine to need more frequent servicing due to the quicker build up of lint and possible issues with tension and timing.

Listening to your machine is also important.

Is your machine grinding, clanking, or squeaking? Does the handwheel feel tighter when you turn it? Are you having tension issues or an uneven fabric feed?  Are your stitches uneven, wavy, or skipping? Do your needles keep breaking?

Already troubleshooted all the usual suspects?– it may be time for a service.