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June Silhouette Club Class: Stencils, Wood signs

Good afternoon ladies!
I hope I find you inside, comfy and dry during this yucky weather today! Our club class for this month will be this Saturday, June 16th from 1-4pm. We will be making wood signs, and will be making stencils with vinyl for the signs.

You will need:
Class fee: $15
Kit fee:$10
Total: $25 plus paint (see below)

Additionally, you will need to bring two coordinating colors of acrylic paint for the sign, one for the majority of the sign, and the other for the wording on your sign. I had planned to include this in the kit fee, but it is easier if you go and pick out your own colors to your personal preference!

Please plan to stay up until 4pm for this next class, due to paint drying times taking up some of our class time. Thank you!

Emily at