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Silhouette Club Class Info and Vinyl Sale!

Good Afternoon Ladies!
For our next club class, we will be focusing on the different types and uses of Heat Transfer Vinyl. There will be a kit that includes a Heat Transfer Vinyl Guide and multiple types of HT vinyl that you will learn how to properly apply and use. The kit is $20 and will need to be pre-ordered to secure your spot in the class. Kits and class fee must be paid by Saturday, April 14th (next Saturday).

Know someone that has a Silhouette that would enjoy our club class that has never visited before? Have a friend sign up alongside you and receive a voucher for 60% OFF ALL VINYL (no purchase limit) for the day of the class. (Saturday, April 21st).

Information for class:
Class Fee: $15 per month
Kit Fee: $20 for April class (vinyl)
***Please bring something to put the vinyl on (t-shirt, fabric bag, thin beach towel, etc.... must be fabric, and NO NYLON!)***

See you on APRIL 21st at 1:00pm!

-Emily at All About Sewing Inc.