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Kimberbell: Easter Tier Tray 2-day event (1/2024) | Cactus Quilting LLC

Featured Quilt

Quilting Through the Seasons
with Interchangeable Applique!
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The View Of Star And New Word Sign Stock Illustration ByKimberbell Canvas Cinch Sacks
Kimberbell Pet Kerchief Blanks
Kimberbell Pet Kerchief Blanks

Kimberbell Zipper Pouch Blank:
Olive Green

Kimberbell Lace Zippers 5 Pack:

Design Packs:
Kimberbell Pretty & Posh Zipper Pouches
Kimberbell Crossbody Bag Trio Vol 2 Botanical Collection
Kimberbell Nativity Stuffies

Kimberbell Embroidery Leather:
French Pink
Robins Egg Blue
Seafoam Green

Kimberbell Applique Glitter Sheet: