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All About Sewing is now hosting it's very own Kimberbell Club!


Every 2nd Wednesday of the Month!

Want us to order something specific for you? Interested in an event announced by Kimberbell?

 Let us know!

Looking for digital patterns?

 Kimberbell has many different background quilting designs, appliques, embroidery designs, and projects!


Support us and shop Kimberbell through our Affiliate Link!

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*Scroll down past the 'what is' section to view upcoming club Information and past that for a look at what was covered last meeting.
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What is Kimberbell Club?
It is a monthly club available to anyone who loves sewing and machine embroidery and Kimberbell Designs, as much as we do!
Got a Kimberbell project you haven't finished? Want to start a new project and need space to do it in? Need a little assistance in getting through to the next step?
Or maybe you just want to come hang out 
with other Kimberbellas and Fellas?
Then this is the place for you!

Each month is a new way to meet others who love this hobby as much as you do, as well as getting all the latest and greatest in Kimberbell news and products!
Not sure if it's for you? 
The Club is FREE -- So come by and check it out!

So... Kimberbell?
Kimberbell is a sewing and embroidery craft project company well known for feature quilts, in-the-hoop projects, and bench pillows.

Kimberbell’s full-color project instructions carefully guide beginners through each and every step, while new techniques and textures keep projects fresh and fun for everyone. 


Their product line also includes a wide variety of embellishments, blanks, stabilizers, background quilting designs, and innovative tools such as Orange Pop Rulers™ and Clear Blue Tiles™.

Next Kimberbell Club Topic:

Nativity Bench Pillow

Nativity Bench Pillow & Kimbellishments available!
Fabric Kit available while supplies last.

If you have the Nativity Bench Pillow Kit we'll be working on it during Kimberbell Club!
Otherwise, if you want to just hang out or you have something else you'd rather work on you're more than welcome to bring it!

* Note: This is not a Kimberbell Event. No Kits or Supplies are provided. *

Circle image with close up of chenille detailing on the sheep

Speaking of the Nativity Bench Pillow, check these out -

Nativity Stuffies in front of a small wooden stable, paper stars in the background, with white logo overlay

Enjoy heartwarming family traditions with Kimberbell Nativity Stuffies!

Stitch 13 beloved characters on soft fabric, stuff with filling, and close with a few simple hand stitches. Each stuffie comes in three sizes and features a variety of decorative stitches and techniques!

When you want to make fun and simple Christmas decor, Kimberbell Nativity Stuffies are perfect for gifts, gatherings, and so much more.

Circle image of detailing and mylar on the star stuffie

Kimberbell even has a treat for your kids ( or you Wink Gif) to color!


Celebrate Kimberbell Nativity Stuffies with coordinating coloring pages!

Download Kimberbell's free PDF, print out the pages, and enjoy making memories with children and grandchildren.

You can also use pages as templates for choosing fabric and thread colors!

With original artwork for each design, coloring pages are a perfect side project for both Nativity Stuffies and Happy Hoop Decor: Christmas Nativity Ornaments.

Circle image with close up of fringed hay on donkey stuffie




The Jar Toppers were all amazing - Great Job!

Be sure to bring any completed Jar Toppers to the next Kimberbell Club meeting for show & tell!

We'd love to show off your Toppers to Kimberbell!
Event News:

Deck the Palms was a great success- hopefully everyone had as much fun as we had!

Next Meeting:

At our upcoming meeting (November 8), we will be sewing the Nativity Bench Pillow! 

So if you don't have your Design Pack, Fabric, Kimbellishments, or Pillow Inserts, we have them all in stock!  

Northwest Sewing Center | Austin TX

Also at our next meeting we will finalize our Christmas plans -- as we have had a lot of suggestions and interest in a Christmas Party.

Holiday Survival Guide ? Bloomington Center for Connection

 New Kimberbell items available:

Zipper Pouch Blank – Stitcher's JoyPet Kerchief Blank, Set of 2 | Kimberbell (KDKB248)PREORDER * Canvas Cinch Sack Blanks/Beige 2 Pack (Kimberbell) - 818514024722Kimberbell Buttermilk Lace Zippers Pack of 5 by Kim - Kimberbell Applique Glitter - Pink KDKB148, 1PC, Size 19.5 in  x7.5 in, Assorted Colors Available, Iron-Friendly, Pair with Bench Pillows  & Featured QuiltsKimberbell EMBROIDERY LEATHER – ROBIN'S EGG BLUE – Red-Roxy Quilt Kimberbell Embroidery Leather Sheet - French Pink KDKB1200,  1PC, Size 8 in x 24 in, Easily Sewn, Assorted Colors Available, Faux Leather  & Hand Washable Kimberbell Embroidery Leather Sheet - Seafoam Green KDKB183,  1PC, Size 8 in x 24 in, Easily Sewn, Assorted Colors Available, Faux Leather  & Hand WashableCrossbody Bag Trio Volume 2 Botanical Collection CD # KD558 - SPECIAL —  Lori's Country CottageKimberbell Nativity Stuffies – Threads Of TraditionKimberbell | Pretty & Posh Zipper Pouches Designs (KD5122) – Myers Sewing

Heart Divider Vector Art, Icons, and Graphics for Free Download


  Holiday Jar Toppers - aren't these adorable?!  We have a few left in stock!

Falling for Autumn 

Fabric Kit (Limited Availability!), Pattern Book, and Kimberbellishments in Stock!

 Need the Background Quilting Patterns?

Find them here!

November 8th Meeting Focus!

Celebrate the season with  Kimberbell’s Nativity Bench Pillow!
The holy family is safely ensconced in an applique stable, while Fairy Lights twinkle in the starry night sky. Shepherds and wise men are coming to greet them, a shimmering Mylar star and angel guiding their way! 
Create your pillow in 5x7 (or larger) hoops, then slip our 16 x 38” Pillow Insert through the zippered enclosure. With swaying palm trees, Applique Glitter sand, Flexi Foam animals, and “Joy to the World” sentiment, Kimberbell’s Nativity Bench Pillow is a peaceful reminder that all is calm and all is bright.