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Care and Feeding of your Machine

You should get your machine serviced once a year- twice if your using it super frequently for a business ( or a hundred-million projects! ) or on thick, stringy, or fuzzy materials!

Only use the oil your machine manual ( or tech! ) recommends -- and only the amount and times necessary! Also, some machines only a tech can oil -- so read your manual and double check!

Keep your machine covered when not in use! Don't have a cover? Make one -or in a pinch a pillow case ( or sheet if your machine is HUGE -- like the Bernina 790, the Janome MC17, or the Brother Luminaire! ) will do.

DO NOT BLOW out your Machine! Only a tech should do that once they have de-cased a machine. Use your cleaning brushes or a small vacuum to remove sewing debris -- just be careful of the magnetic casing in your bobbin case compartment ( Bernina's being the exception)!

When embroidering or quilting - if you use a temporary basting spray - DO NOT spray it on or near your machine. It is essentially liquid glue. When you spray this and it gets in your machine ( and on your needle! ) it can cause future issues ( like gumming up the insides! ) cleaning and disassembling the machine!

Do not mess with the tension on your bobbin case. Most embroidery or sewing machines have an alternative bobbin case that either has a higher or lower pre-set tension, or is adjustable - if not one if usually available for purchase. Adjusting it can cause stitching issues and if you are unable to reset the tension back to factory - you will have to bring the machine in for the techs to adjust.

Change your needle after every project or 8 hours of use, if you've sewn over a pin, or think you might of damaged it! Not changing you needle once it's dull or damaged can cause damage to your bobbin case and your projects!

When changing your thread - snip at the top and pull the now loose thread from the bottom. Never pull up on the thread from the top of the machine. Not only does it cause thread shavings to build up in your machine which affects the upper tension by gathering around the tension discs, it can break or stretch the springs in the tension mechanism which can cause nesting or render the machine unusable, and causes pieces of thread that have broken off in the machine to wrap around the inner handwheel mechanism and keep the handwheel from turning.

READ YOUR MANUAL to troubleshoot instead of ( or before if you must, ) before trying out Youtube solutions! Youtube is a wonderful way to learn new techniques, find cool projects, machine usage instructions, and yes -- even some simple troubleshooting
( there are great videos from the machine brands themselves, or their ambassadors, that are super helpful and amazing! ), but you should never, ever try to fix a mechanical or electrical issue with your machine with Youtube as your guide!

Please do not try to fix ( or let other non-professionals fix ) your machine yourself if you are having an issue - call or visit us, or your local dealer. Sometimes it is a simple solution that can turn into a big problem if done incorrectly.

Before bringing in your non-mechanical machine, check for any software updates. Sometimes this fixes some issues in certain machines.

…. and of course have fun sewing, embroidering, quilting, and serging!

If you need your machine serviced be aware that we are about a month and a half out from service completion for machines.