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A Stitch A Day Keeps Reality Away

Fixing up the website is sooooo slow going, but when editing -- just like with measuring, you want to check multiple times before you officially cut or in this case, publish anything

Once it lives on the internet it's there to stay, even if you delete it, it's archived somewhere.

Do you know what else takes a long time?

I don't mean just the action of quilting your fabric together -- I mean picking your fabric,  cutting your fabric,  piecing your fabric... etc.

You Know Quilting.

Earlier this month we went to the Azalea City Quilt Show.
They only put it on every two years, and when looking at all the quilts present you can totally see why.

May be an image of quilt and text

The time and dedication it takes to make these pieces of artwork (and it IS an art) is truly a labor of love.

May be an illustration of text that says 'Sherry'

The variations in styles, colors, and techniques showed amazing skill and talent, even for those who think they aren't as good as everyone else.

And people let me tell you, even if you don't believe us:

Y'all are absolutely astounding!
You are just as good as anyone else.

You may ask yourself a million questions before you even start, and a million more when you do step one.
What if you mess up or it doesn't turn out like it should?
Failure is the mother of invention,  we fail so we get better, and those failures aren't usually failures at all --
you still end up with a unique and beautiful quilt.

But, I digress...

Quilting takes time, sure you get faster as you get surer of yourself, but the basic process doesn't change. Editing is more or less the same, despite the different formatting.

We'll get everything completed eventually, but for now, we leave you with our work in progress.

And this:

You Are Amazing GIFs | Tenor